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10+ Years of Agency Experience

Our Digital Marketing team has been helping nonprofit and for-profit companies accomplish their goals for over 10 years.

Audience Creation

We will work with Google’s Targeting tools to create advertising audiences that match your ideal prospects, passionate supporters, or core customers.

Copy and Creatives

We can handle the copywriting and creative design needed for your campaigns or seamlessly integrate your own designs into a refreshed look. Our in-house graphic designers have 10+ years of industry experience.

Ongoing Optimization

Campaigns will improve with our monthly management plans. We will incorporate a/b testing into all campaigns, which will lead to ongoing growth and improvement.

How Do Remarketing Display Ads Work?

There are two different types of Remarketing Display Ads: Static and Responsive. Static ads will stay the same across all platforms, and responsive ads will mix and match a variety of headlines and image assets.

Both remarketing ad types will strategically be shown to the exact users designated by your remarketing audience list.

Where Will Remarketing
Ads Show?

Google’s Remarketing Display ads will show across The Google Display Network. This includes partnered websites such as YouTube and Gmail, along with millions of other reputable websites. Specific platforms, websites, and channels can be selected if desired.

Google Remarketing Services

Pick services below based on all you would like our help with for your Google remarketing needs.

Google Remarketing Setup
  • Service description
  • Retarget High-Interest Users
  • Remarketing & Lookalike Utilization
  • 2-4 Week Turnaround
Google Remarketing Management
  • Service description
  • Continual Campaign Optimization
  • Custom Live-reporting Dashboard
  • Zero Commitment Month-to-month
Marketing Consultation
  • Service description
  • Identify Areas Of Improvement
  • Implement The Next Steps
  • Reach Your Organizational Goals
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