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Facebook & Instagram Advertising

Facebook and Instagram ads run through the same platform, and can run simultaneously or on a per-platform basis. When utilized well, these platforms have proven excellence in lead generation, website traffic, eCommerce, and much more.


X (Twitter) Advertising

Twitter advertising is effective for a wide range of marketing goals, with particular effectiveness in the website traffic area. Comparatively low CPCs (cost-per-click) and a rapidly evolving timeline experience make Twitter ads a strong contender for ad budgets.


Snapchat Advertising

Snapchat advertising has improved significantly in the past year, evolving into a powerful tool for brand awareness and website traffic. With a high video/visual focus, Snapchat ads allow brands to tell a short and sweet story.


TikTok Advertising

TikTok advertising has grown in popularity and effectiveness alongside the explosive growth that the app has had over the past year. With 1 billion+ active global users, TikTok is a powerhouse for increasing brand awareness, following, and showcasing services in short-video formats.


Pinterest Advertising

Pinterest advertising has a very unique and experience-complimentary structure. Ads work seamlessly into a user’s interest boards and nurture previously expressed interest into real action. Increase awareness for products, improve consideration with high-interest traffic, or increase website conversions with Pinterest advertising.


LinkedIn Advertising

Your organization can connect with over 850 million professionals through LinkedIn Advertising. As an industry leader in B2B and a top competitor in B2C, LinkedIn Ads gives advertisers the opportunity to showcase ads to decision-makers in companies.

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